September 23, 2016


Business without Boundaries


Inrax is a powerful business accounting application that is run as an application service. This means that we take care of the technology, security and backup and you run your business from wherever you choose.  Inrax is an excellent choice for running your accounts, for managing your stock or for creating a web shop. Working together, the combination of these features makes a compelling integrated solution.

What ?

Real-time eCommerce Integration with accounting and stock control
Multi-User Full Featured Accounting
Scalable for Small & Medium sized businesses
For Traditional or E-Commerce business mixes
Comprehensive Stock Control and reporting
Sophisticated Multi-dimensional Reporting
Fine grained access & security permissions
Multiple Organizations run under one system

Why ?

Very Cost Effective – provided as an Application Service
Delivered via the internet – always available regardless of your physical location
Single unlimited user licence
Secure and remote backup of business data
The appearance of any other desktop application
Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux etc

How Much ?

Starting from €10 per Month