September 22, 2016

Invest in Sri Lanka

Offshore Investment Funding to Sri Lanka


Does your business need Capital Funding to Expand ?

Our firm, together with our International Partners are currently expanding our Angel Investment and Loan funding activities to include Sri Lanka for both short to medium term projects through equity and loans.

Ideally, we are looking for Export Oriented Business’s that are well established, have a proven track record, who currently generate good cash flows. If your Company meets this criteria and your business may be in need of additional capital to part fund the modernisation of plant and equipment, or to provide additional working capital, or to expand your current business, then we may be able to help you.

If you are interested in securing additional capital funding for your business, over and above what is currently available from your bank, then write to us in confidence attaching the following information by post or email to:

  • Background on your company’s history
  • Main promoter and key management – provide a brief background on each key person in your business, experience and qualifications etc.
  • What is the reason why you need the capital and how much do you need in SL Rupees
  • Provide projected cash flows, budgets and latest management accounts
  • What proportion of your sales is export market & where is your main export market

If you need assistance to prepare management accounts, cash flows, budgets etc, then let us know and our team can assist you with preparing this additional information.

When replying, please provide your contact details, email address, contact number and address.

Send your enquiries by email to:

Email address:

Or by post to:-

Attention: Mr Nigel McAuley (FCA)

Invest in Sri Lanka

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